I Have A New Idea. Brand Value

How is a brand born? The answer is very simple indeed, as long as the companies can solve the problems of their customers as soon as possible, they gain the brand value and they can be among the valuable companies.

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I’m going to talk about an entrepreneurship story that hasn’t been modeled here before. A company that creates a brand product is aware of the malfunction and malfunction of the product in the customer portfolio only by the feedback of the customers (via feedback, callcenter), or through general survey surveys (internet and one-to-one surveys) and they are raising their brands by solving the problem one by one. This system has a useful interface in the system, the customer with one-to-one phone call center attendant, a cheerful secret customer, or qualified surveys to reach the source of the problem and produce solutions. In a study, the companies that solve customer-oriented problems as soon as possible are among the most valuable companies. As long as the personnel involved in the solution of these problems are not qualified and equipped, the companies can never grow up because they cannot reach the source of the problem or the customer’s satisfaction. The golden rule in trade is to sell good goods. 2. The golden rule is to fix the malfunction immediately after the good malfunction that you sell. is the critical question here?

It is always a risk to solve the problems of branded products with human oriented problem solving methods, because every customer lost by this risk lowers the brand value and pushes it to zero, what is the model required to reduce this risk to zero?

Here I will explain the modeling is the answer to this question. I would like to explain this with a small example.

The X-branded laptop user is working on a very important project, which is very important for the project developer, so he will finish and deliver this project by 12pm and this will lead to a promotion for the company. But something happens, the computer operating system suddenly migrated, it is around 22.25 and the project developer to 1 hour 35 minutes to train the project is immediately wrapped around the phone and the phone company tries to call the authorized company also cuts off the line, this project developer working in home office full literally desperate …

If the modeling I mentioned was implemented, could this project developer deliver this work without 00.00 hours? That’s the answer. Yes, this is possible. But how?

I call it Short Circuit Solution Matrix, this software consists of 2 main programs, 1 is a short circuit program, this program runs on the system as a program when the computer is running, does not slow down the computer has a single task, the problem that happened with the fault codes the main server is working on the main program to transmit artificial intelligence through the internet, 2.si mentioned and the main server on the artificial intelligence working with the main solution program.

In the above example, if the project manager is working with a brand that is active in this system, he / she will finish and deliver the job in his / her hand and do not get the promotion he / she wants at the time of 00.00. It transmits to the Matrix 2 Program, the program 2 automatically connects to the client’s computer via the program 1 program in a very short time, and the system is repaired and opened to the user’s presentation.

 The problem of the project manufacturer using the X brand product has been solved as a virtual-based problem, and since this managerial position will carry a very good moment in relation to this brand, and because it will tell it in every environment, the X-brand product will always maintain its brand value.

The best advertising solution is the generated ad.

Examples can be increased according to the product variety, for example, when the driver using an X-brand car crashes on the road, the vehicle with GPS and 4.5G technology reports the accident and the cause of the accident to the main center by this software program. The program in the main center analyzes the health status of the person involved in the accident and the situation of the accident. the nearest public services can be forwarded 5 seconds after the accident. Insurance companies can earn up to $ 250 billion annually by using this software. X-brand car manufacturers can gain thousands of dollars of revenue by recovering thousands of pieces of car from faulty production and recalling by learning in case of accident and by interfering with the related equipment on the production line increased.

The above programs will change the fate of phones on the production line when the X-brand mobile phone encounters a hardware or software error.

The owner of the X phone operator server will immediately learn any malfunction that may occur in the base station of the company and will promptly dispatch the team and prevent the turmoil.

Samples can be overgrown.

The main aim of this software is to produce human-oriented solutions in the first place. To create and increase the brand value by producing risk-based artificial intelligence solutions.

Let’s not forget, innovation is born in the idea.


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