Working in a corporate firm salaried or “Being the Boss of Your Own Business”?

Everything starts with taking a step, the steps we take will shape our future in the medium and long term, but at the same time determine our purpose of life. Every individual does not start life on equal terms, there are many criteria that determine the conditions including our family, the city where we are born, our friends and our school., pub-2582228251406746, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Although the circumstances of life are decisive, it is an undeniable reality that the main thing is the conflicts in the inner world of the individual. sometimes in the mind of the person to come out of this confusion to do the work of his love is seen. Some individuals like to take steps to plan their future by dreaming of being in the beginning or in the beginning of this enterprise that they do not have.

Sometimes it is easy, sometimes easy to appear. It is difficult when it is seen. begin to question more, now the life of education is almost over, the time is narrowing from the choice to feel better than good.

Entrepreneurship; to implement the idea and business plan in your mind by putting ideas into practice, to set a goal for itself, starting from the starting point to the point of confidence and self-improvement to improve steadily progress. The important criteria in this way are to set the target and systematically go to the target and never look forward, never give up and evaluate each obstacle as an opportunity and struggle with it.

The road to your destination is really hilly and full of obstacles, and at the same time you are waiting for support when you walk towards your target. they will tell you that you can not always succeed, and even a fixed job like other people and a regular salary to be a right rule is the right rule at every stage will recommend you. So what do you want? What’s your target? Suppose you choose to be a salary employee as a new graduate, how the process works …

In generally, an inexperienced person in a corporate firm is directly proportional to the peer-to-peer reference, and no corporate firm will hire you for the black eye’s black eye. I mean, there are countless job applications to do and if you are invited, you will understand during the interview interviews, say, you are accepted to work, do you have the chance to determine the financial and social rights that will be offered to you, such as you are a new employee with no work experience, a trial period and a chance performance You will be accepted into work and your first business adventure will begin. You will be very happy when you are accepted to the job, have you taken the first step to realize your dreams or after?

Capitalism, no matter what sector, works by a single rule, every way to win is the way, win win principle. You start questioning a lot of things you learned in your school and family life. In the first instance, it doesn’t take long for you to realize that most of the things that are told about you are just stories, and that you don’t really have a real-life response on the paper, you start questioning.

You will feel the overwhelming power of rules, and after a while you will wake up in the morning and start going back to work, you know that days later you realize that this job does not make you happy and you have been looking for a new job, but even your search can be found objectionable by someone, yourself in front of the door you can find it at any moment. What do I say? Let’s think otherwise.

Everything you are doing is going well, you go on your way by gaining stage experience, offers career opportunities your employer, social facilities are also very valid and sufficient, you receive your salary in a timely and desired amount, this few years a sustainable situation did you think about it, a lot They say, gün What kind of thoughts, thoughts and new targets? çal They say yol All roads lead to Rome ar, all the roads in business life one day in front of the door of the workplace. Once it has lived, experiences are fixed. Since all the roads go to the novel, there are advantages and disadvantages of the door being the door of your own business.

A salaried employee lives a regular life according to his budget if he ever does work, and after a long time, by making plans of accumulation in the medium and long term, he can reach the capital without risk if he does not lose his job, but when he finds himself in front of the door if something goes wrong, he sees that he has no choice but to look for a new job. it usually has to start again from the lower step. When a new job is not found for a long time, the accumulation in his hands will also melt away, and the experience is constant. So what happens if a new graduate decides to become the boss of his own business?

Is the situation different when you start your work? You are almost in a similar situation, the only difference is your goal. When you start your own initiative, you set the rules, what to do business, how much capital to enter this job, you decide what your goal will be progressively, sora sora is said to be Baghdad, the digital age has become easier to ask the old. If your biggest plus is successful or unsuccessful, this will provide you with an experience you cannot learn in schools, every unsuccessful entrepreneurial story will be the infrastructure of a successful venture story that will be mentioned in the future. your probability is really a very low probability, but with a story of entrepreneurship you are more likely to reach the goal of your life, courage is important, be brave, take the first step, you will see, each time you fall back to work again to experience your own experience. Follow your dreams, if you have an idea that is in your mind today, put it in practice immediately, life is too short, I don’t want to say that the only obstacle in front of their dreams, my mind and mind is free.

This is your life.


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