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Success in business life and the way of earning is not the imitation, but in the market to detect gaps and new business areas to find. In the words used by athletes instead of piling around the ball “empty space displaced” to reach their goals more easily. When a good entrepreneur has a tail in front of a gain gate, he immediately pursues another job., pub-2582228251406746, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Niche is a term used for indentations in a structure in architecture. This word defines the habitat and environment in which a living thing can survive in biology. Of course there is the city of Nis in the Balkans. In the economy, anlam niche niş means a market gap or space where an entrepreneur can gain profits. Those who want to start a business or improve their business always run after a “niche”. Because the first entrants in the market find it easier to find customers, increase their sales faster and stay away from attrition for at least some time.

Niches are important not only for young entrepreneurs, but also for small and large companies. Giant companies that cannot find new gaps in the market and cannot differentiate their products according to demand in these niches can lose leadership in a short time. For example, if there are 15 different niches in the automobile market, a company that only 5 models in the market is forced to sell its product.

Empty space displaced

Success in business life and the way of earning is not the imitation, but in the market to detect gaps and new business areas to find. In the words used by the athletes, instead of stacking around the ball “empty space displaced” to reach their goals easier. When a good entrepreneur has a tail in front of a gain door, he immediately goes after another job and niche.

The wolf businessmen of the previous generation found their market gaps through observations and intuitions. Today, observation and intuition alone is not enough. A more systematic study is needed to find market gaps in a period when the economy is developing and competition is sharp. The use of niche marketing methods together with segmentation and target audience analysis increases the probability of success in existing or newly established businesses.

During the globalization period, it is necessary to investigate the niches in all foreign markets, not only in the domestic market. These comprehensive research paves the way for success in foreign markets. Entrepreneurs, who have a certain experience and knowledge about niches, can protect their share in the domestic market more effectively. Because a niche-based perspective gives important clues about which segments and foreign niches will lead to the niche of the domestic market.

Infrastructure infrastructure analysis

Finding a niche is not an easy task. In order to find untouched virgin areas in domestic and foreign markets, extensive research should be conducted on the following subjects.

Search for clues of change: The work of focus groups that conduct scientific research in determining new trends is of course useful. However, you can find the main clues of the niches on the streets, in business, shopping and entertainment places, sometimes even in the immediate family. You have to get in the way of people to decipher the faces, sounds, and behavior. You cannot feel the wind of changing attitudes and trends.

Divide and Sell: When you divide the consumer population according to various criteria, you are taking a long distance to the niche. First you will separate people from the age groups from 5 to 75. You will divide each age group into a man-woman, urban-peasant. You will mix each of them again according to five income groups. You will see that the consumption map becomes increasingly clear when you make distinctions based on education, occupation and world view. The “niches” that nobody has on this map will blink you. For example, women living in the city of 25-35 age group, higher education, advanced in a profession, the middle of the income group, the outside world, open to the innovation of nearly 60 thousand people’s wishes, aspirations and preferences can open a niche door for you. The needs of this audience from magazine to car, from housing to entertainment can be a new business area for you.

Focus: At this stage, you will study the life styles of people with niche, where and how they live and work, what they have fun with, and how they look at life and the world. Only the top management, time, knowledge, experience and observations, this task is not enough, from the room to the general manager to contribute to this review.

Benefit from the Internet: The new economy and the Internet can provide very useful information and tips for finding ın niches, ası focusing and promotion. The new economy has a structure that allows for quick decision-making and movement, and paves the way for creative and young entrepreneurs. However, it was very difficult to find a niche in the markets dominated by the giant companies in the old economy.


After finding a new niche in the market, it is time to develop products suitable for this niche. For market success, you need to determine the new product concept in the most consistent way. When the trends and preferences of a targeted segment of society and the identity and qualifications of the new product coincide, you will not have the problem of selling on the niche you have identified.

The life story of the new product begins in the human brain. While you are thinking, reading, walking or talking to people, your mind suddenly flashes a lightning and the embryo of the new product emerges. You need to do research, study and observation for weeks, maybe months, to feed and mature this seed.

In this process, taking the following steps, the new product to be born in a healthy way, allows the sprinkling and development.

Analyze the social fabric: about half of the population in Turkey, those who migrate to urban areas over the last 50 years and is made up of their children and grandchildren. You cannot reach the mass sales success in a new product without knowing the interests, tastes and preferences of this majority, which has broken away from the traditional culture of the villages but has not yet adopted the urban culture. At this stage, you have to consider the traditions, customs and beliefs along with the social factors such as the level of education in the community, distribution of income and distribution by occupations.

Follow the main trends: Before developing the new product, try to realistically identify people’s perspectives on life, the driving forces of the change process. For example, if the general trend in society is towards individualization, this tendency affects all decisions regarding consumption. In this environment, individuals demand products that meet their specific and free preferences.

Try to think differently or even contradictory: It is impossible to design new products with the mentality, habits and thoughts of the past period. When you look at things, people from a different angle and at first glance the ways that appear to be contrary, the “niche” makes you look like a phosphorus item that shines in the dark. Therefore, everyone goes to Mersin as you go. In design, production and marketing phases, when you think differently than in previous years, the possibility of seeing new products in daylight and keeping them in the market increases. At this stage, teams of creative staff from various professional and scientific disciplines benefit greatly.

Focus on changing needs: When you are looking for a niche, you get a “need” rather than a “point of product”. Do not go into the production of goods or services without identifying the needs. If the problem and need are widespread, it is easier to find a buyer for the product or service you offer. Every problem and need in daily life can open the door of a new niche. When your competitors produce goods and services in line with the demands of consumers, you should prepare to meet the new needs that arise at the end of the change process. Keep in mind that the need for society changes in each period.

Learn from young people: The consumption map of the future, where new products will take place; young people’s will, aspirations and priorities will draw. If you underestimate the world, which is open to the world and innovation, whose education level is higher than the previous generations, it becomes difficult.

Take into account the future of the economy: A product that is not widely available today can reach high sales volumes with the beginning of a stable growth period in the economy. As the new product is designed for the coming years, try to predict what level of development the economy will be able to achieve in the coming period. When you design different types of product designs for different future scenarios, you increase the likelihood of success.


Start looking for niche, the environment you are in for years and the surroundings. The end of setting up a business in unfamiliar and unfamiliar settings can be disappointing.

Travel around the city and the country. Observe what people bought, where they went, how they dressed, what mishaps they put on their heads.

– Investigate new jobs in rich countries and the chances of holding them in the domestic market. During the globalization period, trends and trends are spreading from country to country faster. But instead of mimicking these works, try to adapt to local conditions and culture..

– Talk to children and young people around you. If you understand their wishes and aspirations, you can make the direction of your business easier.

– Renew and differentiate your products by observing the segmentation of consumers in terms of income, gender, education and occupation, world view and lifestyle in domestic and foreign markets. If you want to sell the same product to everyone, you can keep the new product.

– Compare trends, attitudes and behaviors of generations. Try to see the change as concrete if there is any.

– The best way to identify the changing needs of consumers is to look at the product and the market with their eyes. The basic characteristics of the new product when you observe the lifestyle of the consumer

– Observe how ups and downs in the economy affect people’s lives. Gaps in the market often increase during the period when the economy revives and works are opened. However, even in years of crisis and recession, it is possible to find new business areas. Every change in conditions opens some of the business doors and opens new ones. The entrepreneur who knows the niches in time and acts fast knows how to survive in every period.

– Estimates of the future composition of the population may give an idea about the new niches that will emerge.

– The tips of some niches and lucrative work are not on our side, but in our daily lives. A careful examination of traditional cultural elements and everyday life makes it an “incubator” for new business ideas.

– It is imperative that you seek to have a clear look at whether you have the know-how, capital and technical equipment to meet the needs of potential customers. Otherwise, you cannot meet the expectations of consumers, even if you find the right “niche” and demand channel. In this case, all labor and expenses are wasted.

-When you consider the number of potential people in the niche, their income status and the money they can spend on the product, you can get an idea of the turnover of the business.


Entrepreneurs who want to start a new breakthrough in their business seem to have been kept all corners. When a short-term perspective is satisfied, the market is shared among large companies and there seems to be no gap left. However, in a constantly changing market, displaced stones often reveal new gaps, new niches.

Due to the following facts and trends in the market map, there are big changes in the recent years:

– Consumers’ tastes and preferences are changing more quickly than in the last century.

– Customer loyalty, which was once very strong, is gradually weakening.

– New generation of young generations who are new to the market can change their old consumption patterns.

– During the globalization period, the consumer population in a country can be affected quickly by fashion and trends in other countries.

– The transition from one social economic status group to another in societies is accelerating. The increase in education and income levels accelerates the transition between groups A, B, C, D and E. Consumption patterns in the countryside, time approaching the ones in the city.

– The Internet and other new communication tools open new shopping and distribution channels.

The above-mentioned factors change the market map in the medium-term, which gives the impression that it remains constant in the short term. When this change is analyzed well, it is easier to find the niches that appear on the market map. This mental activity, which can be defined as yol reading the market Kıs in short, is the first step of the road to success for both those who start new business and those who want to develop their current business. Those who integrate these studies with economic and demographic analysis are always one step ahead of their competitors.

The niche analysis on the market map also contributes to the development of the business in the coming years. The effective ve positioning sağ to be achieved through this analysis ensures that the market share is permanently protected and developed. As with living beings, we may also be present in social and economic institutions, but with a niche whose borders are well established and need to be defended against opponents when necessary.

Yazar: Faruk Türkoğlu 

Source: http://Referans Newspaper


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