Golden Rules in Entrepreneurship

Essential rules for new entrepreneurs who create success stories in their field;, pub-2582228251406746, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

1- Use cheap guerrilla tactics when setting up a company.
2- Lead your talented staff to explore new ideas.
3- Meet the basic needs of the consumer with a radical new design.
4- Find a desired third world niche product and industrialize it.
5- Success consists of inspiration and sweat.
6- Create ways to allow your employees to live their personal lives within the boundaries of the company.
7- Connect with new markets that determine today’s oil prices.
8- Online business is cheaper and easier.
9- Take care that imported goods from overseas countries do not replace the goods of your country.
10- Have a cheerful and very good bond with your employees.
11- When you start a business, listen to the sound of your own heart, not the bankers.
12- Attack the local markets that big companies cannot reach.
13- If the domestic market is small, become global, chase both customers and investors.
14- If you want young customers, forget the ad. Add exciting, freaky features to the product that you do to your marketing.
15- Reach the inspiring elements around you.
16- For a deep-rooted organization, first of all start small.
17- Solve last minute problems with cheap hardware.


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