On Variables

Life is an equation with too many variables in fact and like every multivariate equation in life and high points in some points we live in the current, important to know how to approach an equation that we have so many variables in fact … Our lives only when we try to shape our hobbies according to one variable The thing is probably an ordinary joy or frustration that most of us prefer to live like this because it is safe, because at the end of the day what we are going to be high is not too high, nor will we be very low. Alternatively, our life is like work, love, hobby and so on. When we try to put all the variables into balance and we try to put them in a balance, it is highly likely that they are either a great happiness or a strong one among us, because very few of us enter into this jungle because taking the risk of entering into a juggling that can take into account every variable is one of the biggest risks to be taken in the game called life. The formula of success and happiness goes through knowing when to use which approach.


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