Divide, Divide, Manage, Shoot Goal 12 with Rule 80/20

Now sit back and watch the rabbit holes in Alice’s Wonderland. This article will help you to understand why some things are going wrong in your life and why these inconvenient events affect your whole life.

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First, we need to start with the illusion of your life. Life is completely an illusion and thanks to this illusion the system ensures the continuity of operation. For example, the set of rules that exist in society is entirely the reflection of this illusion. They have adapted to you the idea that this is true throughout your life and that these rules of truth are formed. You have always lived within the boundaries drawn by you because of the rules dictated by this right. When you stepped out of the rules, there was someone telling you that you were right next to you. They kept saying you would fail if you stepped out of the rules, so they kept you in the universe of truth. In fact, the situation was the opposite, the magic sentence was, kazandır It teaches you to lose, it succeeds, you have to lose to accomplish most of the time.

What’s right? Those who told you that something was right did not say under what conditions. The truths are in every condition true, they impose the theory, think or is this situation exactly? Again we need to explain the situation with a knitting, think that you have a job, and if you lose this job you will not find a job for a long time so that you always have to follow the rules of the company, but you can never do the job you want to do without losing your current job.

There are many examples of events that can be exemplified, connecting them directly to the topic rather than reminding them one by one, because time is our most precious asset, and my philosophy is the concept of ıs Impossible is just a time.

The first thing that comes to mind when we speak of divide, fragment, and rule is to remind the political, economic and social sanctions imposed on the smaller states by the big states, whereas in my concept, the divide and rule theory is the life philosophy based on a completely different algorithm.

To summarize this philosophy briefly; however, the path to the goal is only possible with this philosophy. Note that the most important image in the concept of the road to the target is the içindeki target ın and e way Dikkat. What is the target? The destination is the place to be reached, the road is the vehicle that leads to it.

The main theme of philosophy is these two structures. The two of them are important. We all have been enthusiasts since our early childhood, we have worked hard to achieve these goals, some of us have been successful, while others continue to crawl while others are running. There were many different ways to go to this goal but the main theme was victory as well as to reach the goal. The only way to succeed is to set a hand-held target. 2. The way the structure is so is the method. We focus on the target using different ways and methods and work nonstop. We face dozens of millions of obstacles, most people give up in the first obstacle, while others continue to be more powerful in every obstacle.

In an earlier article, I mentioned 21 golden rules of success. Readers will remember. These 21 rules are actually the paths of philosophy that I am trying to explain, 21 ways, any of these ways will bring you to the destination. If you use all of the roads at the same time, it will be much shorter to reach the destination.

Now take a paper and a pen in your hand. Write short, medium and long term goals on this paper, these goals will finish 1 book a week, I’ll go fishing this weekend, as I will accumulate 100 TL at the end of this month, I will buy a car at 0 km, as well as short-term goals. I will skip a web site, as well as mid-term targets, as well as 10 trillion equity start a start up initiative, the owner will be the owner, as well as a long-term goals, such as a yacht can be. The rule is to set your goals first and focus on them. Once you have set your goals, the first thing to do is take action, it is impossible to reach any targets without taking action.

Now it is time to determine the paths to the destination. Remember that your favorite paths are the shortest routes that take you to the destination. That means, wealth goes through doing your favorite job. Here, divide, divide and rule theory will come into play here. The number one method of accomplishing your goals is to progress gradually to the things that lead you to that goal. You don’t have a magic wand, you’re the magic, and you’re going to step by step goals.

How can you start an initiative with $ 100? Are you ready for the first step that will give you a beautiful life in your future life?

1-Set your destination

2-Assign the time

3-What will be my tools in this process

4-Which path to choose

5-Will this make me happy

1-Set your goal: an initiative I will start with $ 1 million in equity

2-Assign time: 5 years later I want to start this initiative.

3-What will be my tools in this process: What I need on the way to the goal, information, equipment, staff and money

4-Which way will I choose: Who will be with me when I travel to my destination, my family, my social environment or my partners

5-Is this going to make me happy: Yes, this is the most important issue, in fact, if we do not make us happy if we do what we do no success will not come.

          In the first stage, we divided our goal, so how do we separate the pieces, we need to work on separating each substance in itself. For example:

# What can be a $ 1 million equity business, we need to identify the jobs that will make you happy among hundreds of jobs and concentrate accordingly.

 # To break the time, 5 years to the day to hours or even minutes to determine what we should do in the timeframe.

 # It breaks through my tools and concentrating on each one separately. Access to information, which equipment should be, to reach the personnel to use this equipment.

# When you run to success, you can get help and support from these family members, friends or angel investors.

# What is being happy, this job makes me happy, the answer is very important.

            Based on my own story, I will try to tell you the way to success. In 2010, I realized that some of the rules of the company I worked with in a multi-national company made me unhappy about the company I worked for, I set a goal on that day, my goal was to start my own business with $ 1 million in equity. By applying these 5 items, I have reached my goal within the scope of divide and management.

            I started to work with a capital of 100 dollars, my goal was to reach $ 1 million in equity after 5 years. I did this with the 80/20 rule. How Does? My equity capital was over 100, and when I made the plan to make it $ 1 million, I came to the conclusion. If I could evaluate my own capital by 20% every month, I would have exactly $ 1 million at the end of 5 years. So my short long and medium term goals were set, I got to work, and what I had to do was to make my money a 20% value every month. But how?

           According to the 80/20 rule, 80% of the results constitute 20% of the causes. This means; You get 80% of your earnings from 20% of your investments. I first started off by researching the market. I have analyzed the time period in which the jobs are generated and how much of the investments in which jobs are earned. According to the results I reached, I divided my 100 TL into 20 and I put each piece into that job. I mean, I put a $ 5 every month on a job that gives me 20% every month. So the stock market share. Surprisingly I made a total of $ 21 in the first month. 2. I made $ 24 when I converted the $ 120 into the same investment month. At the end of 1 year, it was $ 1058. This money reached $ 1 million at the end of the 5th year. The only thing I did was to identify the 20 shares I would like to invest next month at the end of each month. Because on the stock market, 80% of the earnings of these 20 shares were made.

            Your choice should be to do what you’re happy with. Make sure this system will save you. Enough of your destination.


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