21 golden rules of success

1-Stay Hungry Stay Foolish.

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2-Without taking the tools out of purpose.

3-Free mind and mind.

4-Try, lose, lose, try one more time, one more wrong, lose bigger.

5-Combine data with algorithms.

6-In fact, think of where you should be and be happy when you think about it.

7-Statistics and measurements are never infallible.

8-The stars will never be aligned. Move now.

9-Read more books, listen more.

10-Spending time with empty jobs.

11-You have to do the same job 10,000 times to master a job..

12-Imagine, discover, leave more marks.

13-Be brave, never fear losing.

14-Every problem has the right solution in itself.

15-Build your own systematics for success.

16-The rules are only rules.

17-Life is based on mathematics.

18-The greatest experiences are the result of the greatest defeats.

19-Don’t quit anything you’ve ever started.

20-Believing is half the success.

21-Innovation arises in the idea.


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